ENGINEERING Attophotonics develops and builds special equipment for technical-chemical applications. Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and chemists of our team work hand in hand to find optimal solutions for our customers. Hence, diverse issues and questions can be tackled in a comprehensive way: Development of method and equipment: Analytical methods, synthesis processes, coating procedures etc. are developed in parallel with the required machines and systems. Simulation of industrial processes: Testing facilities for the simulation of individual process steps are designed and used to identify sources of error. But of course, we also deal with mere constructive tasks. Especially in the following areas we provide substantial know-how: automated facilities for chemical-biological analysis test systems for the simulation of process steps in coating and lacquering technology production facilities for coating and lacquering technology, more specifically physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems special printing lines (including flexo, corona and washing units) pilot plant stations mixer systems Selected special machines developed and built by Attophotonics: Production scale systems & machines: production pilot plant station (including electronics, software & chemical equipment, reactor: 200 litres, stainless steel) automated coating system for oilfield pipes stainless steel thermo-mixer roller coater flexo printing device with corona unit (width: 30cm) sputter coater including magnetron heads and vacuum system Analytical devices: STM-microscope electrochemical test equipment Martindale abrasion tester Taber abrasion tester Construction work is primarily done in the well-equipped workshop of Attophotonics. In the course of cooperative projects we also profit from the capacities of the Technopol Wiener Neustadt and the TFZ search) where Attophotonics is located.
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