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Attophotonics Biosciences GmbH
Viktor Kaplan
Strasse 2
2700 Wiener

Forms of application

of Attophotonics’ nano-colors and Attophotonics’ smart colors

Nano-Color Coating

By means of a combination of different coating technologies the nano-color can be created directly on the material (metal, glass, plastics,…).

on Aluminium

Atto Colorshift coating2

on Glass


on Brushed Stainless Steel (Water Jet Cut)

AttoSG coating on steel aqua jet cut new

Nano-Color Glitter

The glitter material consists of coated platelets (available in various sizes and thicknesses e.g. mesh sizes: 150-600 m and 0.6 - 2 mm with 4 m thickness). It can be applied directly onto adhesive surfaces or as glitter varnish. The 3D-tipping and sparkle of the glitter supplement the basic properties of the nano-colors.

nanopigmente X1a

Glitter Color Spectrum

AttoNanoPigmente Selekt

Nano-Color Foil/ Nano-Color Tags

Plastic films coated with Attophotonics’ nano-colors are available as sheets and can be cut and applied with ease. On request, Attophotonics also provides nano-color-stickers with arbitrary form and size.

REA colored surfaces2

I REA color