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Attophotonics Biosciences GmbH
Viktor Kaplan
Strasse 2
2700 Wiener

Attophotonics® Biosciences GmbH as nanotechnology, surface technology and ‘smart material’ company is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and materials.

Attophotonics is an enterprise located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Attophotonics was founded in 2004 by Univ. Prof. Thomas Schalkhammer. Having evolved from research groups at the University of Vienna, the University of Graz, the TU-Delft (NL) and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt our origins date back to the year 1986.

Being primarily involved in R&D, Attophotonics develops novel technologies and materials for surface and coating technology, chemical-engineering, nano- & biotechnology as well as analytics and sensors. In doing so, the company pays particular attention to the ecological compatibility of their products and services.

In our chemical and technical laboratories Attophotonics creates novel products and both analyzes and optimizes product properties and production steps for partners from industry and research. Using laser-machining and smart colors our company generates unique, highly resistant and color-fast coatings and graphics on various materials.

Upon request, we also produce customized products and special machines in small and medium lot sizes.

The patented smart tags developed by Attophotonics and our partners allow e.g. quantification of humidity, water contact or water condensation via multicolor films and sensoric printing inks and have already been into a number of innovative products.

Attophotonics’ team offers expertise in

  • intelligent materials
  • nano-particle-based products
  • surface sciences
  • nano-coating technologies
  • laser-based technologies
  • biotechnology and biochips
  • mikrofluidics and sensors
  • chemical engineering of materials and surfaces
  • international project management (Europe, USA & South America)

Attophotonics has many years of experience in cooperating with international groups (see Reputation).

The company is located at the Technopol Wiener Neustadt and is a partner within an innovative network of R&D enterprises there. This provides us with the ideal business environment for successful R&D projects. Moreover the company is a partner of the Schalkhammer KG, which e.g. runs a pharmacy in Alland, Lower Austria.

Attophotonics is proud of cooperating with several well known industrial companies and small and medium enterprises.

Got a challenge for us? Interested in a cooperation? Contact us!