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Attophotonics Biosciences GmbH
Viktor Kaplan
Strasse 2
2700 Wiener

Nano Design

Austrian Nano Award

Attophotonics developed and produced the

Austrian Nano Award 2008

designed by artist Deborah Sengl
for the FFG.


Nano-colors on noble metals and titanium

Schmuck frei kl Logo no ck kl

Nano Titan Schmuck Atto

nano-colors on pure titanium


Silverschmuck mit Nanokippfarbe

silver jewelry with nano-color effect


Attophotonics’ ultra-bright nano-colors change with viewing angle and create a unique look – especially on curved and 3-dimensional surfaces.

Nano-colors on chromium and stainless steel

nanofarben WEB

Nano-colors on aluminum

colorshift besch kl 2

Nano-metal-coatings and nano-gold glitter

By means of high-vacuum technologies and chemical procedures Attophotonics produces metal coatings on glass, plastics, steel and other materials.
Attophotonics’ high quality gold pigments are weather resistant and may be applied on various materials as well.

Gold on SteelAtto nano gold


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