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Attophotonics Biosciences GmbH
Viktor Kaplan
Strasse 2
2700 Wiener


Attophotonics offers costum-made solutions.

Attophotonics conducts costumized research on the basis of a broad range of enabling platform technologies and develops unique products. Furthermore, the company has many years of experience in international project management for partners in Austria, South Africa, GB, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and US.


Surface & Thin Film Technology

round target

Sputter coater, Roll-sputter coater- production size, vacuum technology, evaporation coater, spin coater, photo resist & mask technology, laser engraving, laser cutting, ...



Nanoprinting, roll printing up to 1000 m / 30 cm width, corona unit, UV-crosslinking at 360 nm and/or 254 nm, jet wash system, heat tunnel, …

Imaging of biomolecules with AFM, STM, SNOM, single molecule detection, Nano-e-jet-spraying, biochemistry in nano-wells, quantum islands, SEF, metal nano clusters, laser, optical fibers, …


vacuum chamber

Construction of vacuum and chemical production plants, e.g. for 80-million people supplying water company Saur- France, automated biochemical robotic system for fermentation control (Boehringer I.), automated analysis systems, electrochemical units

Smart Labels, Biochips and Biosensors


Biochip-technology, microdotting, electrochemical biosensors, electro-analysis, surface enhanced chip technique, optical sensors and biochips, fluorescence, …

Diagnostics & Pharmacy

Attophotonics develops various sensoric platforms. These include embossed and laser-machined fluidics with nano-color readout as well as electrochemical sensors and biosensors based on thin-film and screen printing technology.

(For commercial diagnostic products see Schalkhammer KG at Apotheke Alland.)

Biochemistry & Biotechnology


POC-devices, Real time PCR, automated DNA purification down to single molecule handling, phage display, phage libraries, genetic protein engineering, stress response of micro organisms, protein engineering, engineering of hydrolases, expression monitoring of yeast, Metabolomics, cells on a chip, lipid membranes, lipid synthesis, supported bio-membranes, Proteome screening, transduction of biochemical binding at membranes and interfaces, synthesis of modified proteins, HT-peptide synthesis, protein-DNA-conjugates, reactor design, up-scaling, technical experience up to 3 m3 scale in biofermentation and bioorganic synthesis, up to 10 m3 scale in process chemistry